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Berry College has a rich history of entrepreneurship spanning more than 100 years and starting with our founder, Martha Berry. Many successful alumni from the high school, college and graduate programs have started businesses that contribute in meaningful ways to their communities. Our mission is to educate the head, heart and hands. Entrepreneurship@Berry lives this mission.

While there is no formal program of study in entrepreneurship, many undergraduate management majors and business minors focus their electives in the entrepreneurship area. Currently, we offer five classes- Intro to Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce Marketing Strategy, International Entrepreneurship, New Product Development and Advanced Entrepreneurship. Our students are also very active in a variety of student organizations. At the graduate level, students take Advanced Business Development and participate in directed studies geared toward further development of their business. Undergraduate and graduate students also participate in entrepreneurial internships, help non-for-profit startups in the community or run their businesses in our incubator.

In May 2016, students taking International Entrepreneurship traveled to Jamaica to experience some unique Jamaican entrepreneurs and their businesses firsthand! This maymester course will be offered again in May 2017. Companies include Red Stripe, The Fab Five, Mavis Bank Coffee, and MO Bay Marina.

Dr. Paula Englis leads the entrepreneurship program.

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management major or business minor or the Campbell School of Business at Berry College.

Partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Week - 2009-2016.

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