Brian & Peter

Brian & Peter

Company: Premier Firewood

Summary: Dedicated to delivering a simple, all natural firewood burning experience, which is characterized by professionalism and ethical business practice

Founded by Brian Kase (Finance '08) and Peter Pelosi (Finance '08) in 2006, Premier Firewood delivers the wonder and enchantment of nature to its customer’s doorstep through its carefully selected products and firewood delivery services.

Premiere's goal is to be the world’s leading firewood company by delivering the highest quality firewood and user friendly products on the market. Premier believes these are essential to enjoying the life, warmth, and wonder created within the hearth. All of Premier's products create the opportunity for clients to experience the unique aspects of nature within their home whenever it is convenient for them. Premier Firewood offers its product line and the Premier Firewood Experience to both wholesale and retail markets. Premier is in the process of reorganizing and developing new technology for kilns.

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