Class of 2011

Company: Class of 2011Class of 2011

Summary: This class founded 10 businesses on campus!

Alyssa Hollingsworth's Photography: Alyssa Hollingsworth is a portrait photographer committed to capturing stories in her photography- a bit of the personality, history, or interest of her subjects which she uses to provide a window into their lives.

Amelia Todd, Singer: Amelia Todd brings new life to old standards through her singing.  Her fresh voice exudes a timeless quality that appeals to all ages and generations.  With her deep passion and inspiration she creates an intimate connection with her audience.

Aspire Plays: Created by Ashely Harzog, Aspire Plays is a website that sells plays and monologues by aspiring playwrights for reading and production purposes.  She aims to create a better, more efficient, and cost effective system publishing plays as e-books.  for more information visit

CT Enterprises': Thomas Johnson and Cameron Rich's mission is to provide a quality outdoor event planning service for people too busy to plan their big events.  One of their projects was to raise funds for local High School student, Ben Masters, in the Viking Charity Classic.

Berry Plush: Anthony Bonanzza and Ivy Roberts created an operation that focuses on selling sentimental stuffed animals to the Berry Community.  The current line consists of a deer, a cow, and a horse with the Berry College logo embroidered on the animal's shirt.

Berry Shades by 2Amped: Josh Dilbeck, Nathan Mock, and Casey Gray's business is to promote spirit and togetherness within Berry College and the Rome Community by selling Berry shades to Berry students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Rome community members.

C3 Outfitters: Cody Bishop, Caitlin Cockerham, and Chris McDaniel sold quality trend setting t-shirts to the Berry community.  Initial sales took place at the mountain day celebration in 2011.

Loads of Time Laundry Service: Created by Holly Jenkins and Ye Eun An that is dedicated to bringing students a quality laundry service on their own time! "Washed. Dried. Folded. Done." was their motto and all for just $5 a load.

Rugged Ropes: Will Graham and Louis Joseph specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of bracelets made out of para-cord, which were then sold to Berry students and alumni, as well as the Rome community. Visit for more.

Simple Comfort: Founded by Latoyah Austin, Amanda Cromer, Katie Lochridge, Sarah Smith, and Nikki Taylor.  They provided customers with quick and easy relief using homemade aromatherapy heat and cold compresses in three convenient shapes.

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