Hunter Thornton and Keith Schroeder

Hunter Thornton

The combination of a culinary entrepreneur and a corporate sales executive has shown to provide a winning combination when the formation of High Road Craft Ice Cream evolved from an academic project.   High Road Craft Ice Cream, an Atlanta-based ice cream and sorbet company is bringing hand crafted artisan products to local restaurants, hotels, and caterers.  The products are created by a chef with a chef in mind leveraging local, organic, and wholesome ingredients.

After graduating from Berry College with a Business Management degree (2004), Hunter Thornton began his professional career with Universal Tax Systems (UTS) in Rome, Ga.  While finding great success and climbing the ladder within the sales ranks, Thornton began to desire a more dynamic environment.  As the comfort sunk in Thornton sought after a challenge of different sorts, and he enrolled into Kennesaw State Universities Executive MBA program in the fall of 2008.  Immediately, Thornton was introduced to Keith Schroeder, a graduate of the Art institute of Atlanta.  While toiling through the 18 month program Schroeder and Thornton were laying the foundation of their working relationship without knowing it.  It all came together in their capstone project where a business plan had to be written and presented.  After gaining tremendous support and encouragement in the early stages of the project, the duo was encouraged to enter into international business plan competitions.  With great support from the faculty, they took first place in the 22nd Annual New Ventures World Competition in April of 2010.  With seed money in hand, Thornton and Schroeder incorporated the business that spring and began bringing the idea to reality.  High Road Craft Ice Cream opened its doors on October 29th of 2010, with a portfolio of clients and consistent incoming requests for products.  Along with the increasing demand, retail has already begun requesting their products which they are currently researching.

Along with High Road Craft Ice Cream, Thornton and Schroeder are working on the formation of Project High Road, a non-profit organization to help local farmers and small businesses.  The goal is to assist smaller producers get their products to market as well as to help culinary entrepreneurs help get their ideas off the ground.

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