Jeremy Ross &  John Harman

Jeremy Ross & John Harman

Company: American Crawlspace Solutions

Company Specialty: Crawlspace encapsulation & moisture management

Summary: Jeremy Ross and John Harman met during their freshman year at Berry in 1997. Both Animal Science majors, they ended up having many classes together and
grew to be friends. During their time at Berry, Jeremy and John worked with the Georgia Dept of Natural Resources co-op program, helping to manage the school's vast wildlife management area. They were also involved with ministry groups such as Exaltation and Campus Outreach. After graduation, Jeremy worked in the poultry industry in the Atlanta area, and John took a campus ministry position in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Both of them ended up working together again in Atlanta as Wildlife Technicians with Trutech. John stayed with Trutech for almost 7 years and became a District Manager, while Jeremy decided to go into the mortgage industry with Element funding, where he has worked for the past 5 years. As with many entrepreneurs, John and Jeremy each started small side-businesses, but wanted to do something bigger. American Crawlspace Solutions was born in 2011 after each of them saw the need for a professional crawlspace encapsulation service in the Atlanta market.

American Crawlspace Solutions specializes in crawlspace encapsulation and moisture management. Encapsulation is the process of removing all sources of moisture and humidity in a crawlspace, and properly sealing it to create a clean and dry area under the home. Most homeowners do not realize that the moist conditions in their crawlspaces are breeding grounds for mold and wood rot. Hardwood floors can also warp inside the home due to excessive moisture in the crawlspace. John and Jeremy's vision for ACS is to begin selling franchises across the country as time goes on.


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