John Cason

John Cason

Company: Southern Family Sauces, LLC

Summary: John Cason turned a three generation barbeque sauce recipe into a family business producing Ole'-Time Bobby Joe's BBQ Sauce for sale in Statesboro, GA.

John Cason (Finance and Management '09) started Southern Family Sauces, LLC. The first product is Bobby Joe's BBQ sauce and it is based on a three generation based family recipe. John took two entrepreneurship business classes where he had to develop a business plan and conduct market research on a product as part of our entrepreneurship program. John formed the business with his dad and brother and they now produce the sauce for commercial distribution in Statesboro and middle GA. They plan to expand the firm to showcase other family receipes and live by their mantra, "Darn Good Sauce!" 

Check out their website or read an article about the firm in the Statesboro Herald.

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