Joy Schmidt

Joy Schmidt

Company: Baked Joy

Summary: This is a bakery that Joy Schmidt plans to open after graduating. She has written the business plan for this bakery – which is her long-running dream. She has researched her market and has a clear idea of what will make her bakery unique and valuable. Her bakery will differentiate itself through unique products, a commitment to health, quality service and a trendy atmosphere. Baked Joy isn't your typical bakery. It will specialize in making its customers extraordinarily delicious goodies that are satisfying and reasonably healthy. This is unique because most bakeries, especially in the Southeast, serve their products in unreasonably large portions. After eating a jumbo-sized cupcake, most people realize that their "eyes were bigger than their stomachs." Thus, products from Baked Joy will cater to a market that wishes to eat sweets in moderation. Baked Joy’s mission is to keep its customers happy and satisfied by creating yummy baked treats and serving them in portions that make its customers' appetites and waist-lines happy.



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