Summer 2017 the International Entrepreneurship Maymester class (MGT 460) will be traveling for 6 daysto Jamaica, visiting several different field sites within multiple industry contexts!  The cost of the trip is estimated to be only ~$1800!!!  Pre-trip meetings will be held in September, 2016. 

The experimental course includes content from a number of areas including strategy, new product development, international business, and entrepreneurship. Students will examine how startup firms in emerging markets can develop distinctive products that resonate across international contexts.  The focus is particularly on business development and leveraging knowledge.  A rough draft of the Jamaican trip itinerary will be uploaded soon.  For more information about the class and trip or how to sign up, contact Paula Englis at

There are a number of courses available to students interested in entrepreneurship.

MGT 340 (Intro to Entrepreneurship):  This class helps students experience the fundamentals of business development, including starting a business (with $100 in seed money), writing a basic business plan, and being exposed to a wide variety of entrepreneurial experiences through the speaker series, as well as other events. Every fall

• MGT 440 (Advanced Business Development): This class is designed to help student entrepreneurs further develop their business concept with an eye toward eventual launch. The course involves matching student entrepreneurs with alumni entrepreneurial mentors to facilitate business development. Every spring

• MGT 460 (Special Topics – International Entrepreneurship): This Maymester class involves travel to Jamaica to engage in site visits with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses. Students may also opt to create an international experience (i.e., travel to Kenya or India to study microfinance or social entrepreneurship. May 2017

• BUS 496 (Internship): This course matches students with Berry alumni entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, or entrepreneurial businesses in a specific field that interests the student. This course may also be offered on a semester basis (similar to a co-op experience). Every semester

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