Overview Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Berry College minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers an interdisciplinary learning experience where students can pursue for profit, social entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship. All students complete a common set of courses (three) and select three elective courses to customize their Entrepreneurship minor depending on their learning goals. Students also learn the basics of accounting, finance, management and marketing specifically as it pertains to starting a business or innovation. Those who pursue social entrepreneurship--an emerging field that crosses public and private boundaries—focus their learning to achieve socially advantageous results. Examples include 'intrepreneurs' building the infrastructure necessary to improve the operations and management systems of public, private, and nonprofit entities, and the development and rise of mission-driven, stakeholder-focused businesses.

For non-business electives, courses tend to be heavily dialogic rather than lecture based. Class sessions include much diversity across the structure of weekly sessions and field trips. Students come prepared to engage in critical discussion about the readings, in small group and larger group settings and activities. These classes may culminate in a small team/group end-of-semester projects. Building on course content, students identify a topic around which they develop an innovative response. In many ways, the steps pursued in the team projects incorporate elements or steps of design thinking without actual testing of their idea: they articulate a specific concern, identify key challenges related to the issue, identify key stakeholders potentially involved in addressing the concern, identify solutions that may be responsive to the various stakeholders, etc. For business classes, students work on some element of their business – researching industry dynamics and competition, understanding who the customer is and consumer behavior, researching and writing a business plan, researching international complexities of doing business abroad, and launching and/or growing a business, etc. The Entrepreneurship minor is not intended to replace a business minor.


To earn a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, students must complete 18 hours from the courses listed as long as prerequisites are met. Nine hours in courses numbered 300 or above must be taken.

Required Classes (9 Hours)

ENT 200 - Innovation

ENT 340 - Intro to Entrepreneurship

ENT 440 - Advanced Entrepreneurship
Elective Classes (9 hours)

ACC 201 - Principles of Financial Accounting

CRT 101 - Prototyping Basics

CRT 310 - Innovation and Commercialization

ECO 210 - Principles of Managerial Economics

ENT 442 - Social Entrepreneurship

ENT 441 - International Entrepreneurship

ENT 450 - Special Topics Entrepreneurship

MGT 454 - Innovation Management


MKT 322 - Consumer Behavior

MKT 326 - Personal Selling

MUS 390 - Music Industry



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