Tim Goodwin '03

Tim Goodwin spoke several times during the semester.  His lectures featured the entrepreneurial topics of: Where do I get my money?; Budgets, forecasting, P&L, Embezzlement; and Leadership Development.

Company: Goodwin Investment Advisory

Summary: Designs globally diversified index portfolios with exposure to alternative assets classes. Portfolios are designed with the intention of outperforming their benchmark while maintaining the same level of risk over a long period of time.

After graduating from Berry, Tim (Finance 03C) had always dreamed of starting his own company but had no idea what to do or when to do it. Initially, Tim went to work as the CFO for a small financial services company in Marietta, GA. To his dismay he uncovered some unethical business practices and registration issues that he was unaware of when he joined the firm. When the President refused to operate at a much higher level of compliance and ethics, Tim left and started, Goodwin Investment Advisory with the vision of creating highly diversified portfolios that would outperform the market while managing risk. The result has been amazing. GI’s portfolios have continued to provide a return premium that most investors are not used to experiencing. Presently, GI puts its vision into practice through a simple, passively managed investment vehicle called Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs. In 2007 ETFs had grown to over $432 Billion in assets under management. ETFs are rapidly growing securities that are continually reshaping how investor’s invest. Go to http://www.goodwininvestment.com/ for more information or contact Tim through email; tgoodwin@goodwininvestment.com


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